Finding Quantile Given Weird Density Function

For one of my Statistical Finance homeworks, I had to solve this question. Given a density function \(f(x)\), where \[f(x) = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} \frac{1}{Z} \frac{|x+1|}{(x^2+1)^2} = 1\] Find the quantile \(y\) that

Python on EC2

Running Python on EC2 is a pain, and installing packages can be more of a pain (version clashes, permissions etc). Turns out the easiest way was just to use virtualenv. Here’s a helper script I created: 12345678910111213

Sentiment Analysis Using Doc2Vec

Sentiment Analysis using Doc2Vec Word2Vec is dope. In short, it takes in a corpus, and churns out vectors for each of those words. What’s so special about these vectors you ask? Well, similar words are near each other. F

Using CircleCI to Grade Java Assignments

It’s ridiculous we don’t have a proper solution that uses Continuous Integration (CI) to grade homeworks hosted on GitHub. CI, in short, is just a server that runs unit tests on your code every time you commit it. That m

If Greece Ran on Digital Currency

If the Greeks had no physical cash and only digital cash (in banks), they won’t be able to stash paper cash to wait out the conversion and drachma devaluation. Capital control would be easy and effective. Then, everyone

Getting Numpy on EC2

After spending around half an hour trying to install numpy on Amazon Linux EC2, this StackOverflow answer saved me 123456sudo yum -y install gcc-c++ python27-devel atlas-sse3-devel lapack-develwget https://pypi.python.or

Class Score Analysis for CS 3134 Data Structures

After TA-ing COMS W3134 Data Structures for a semester, I was left with a sizable amount of data from the homeworks, exams, and piazza usage. So I decided to make some pretty graphs out of them. This stemmed from my frus